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technology 25 Nov 2019

Besides, mother and child need the best

By Justus Njuki

A robust healthcare ecosystem, centers on delivering value to the client. In addition to rewarding quantity, the system should also reward quality and efficiency focused on keeping our mothers well and enabling them to recieve good health treatment without suffering catastrophic costs. This is the Universal health coverage’s ideal purpose. That all people, and communities irrespective of their race, religion, geography, tribe or economic status can access promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative health services of sufficient quality. For instance, in maternal and newborn health, Universal Health Coverage is essentially a fundamentally social and ethical issue-pegged on the three delays namely delay to seek medical care, delay in reaching proper medical services, and delay in accessing quality care. 

The three are inseparable. It introduces a bold, new and strengthened health service delivery, that clearly show a well cut-off from the past’s access to, and uptake of health services, where most of our counties have lived under the hazy silhouette of quality health care.

The presence of Community health workers, for instance, primarily eases information dissemination mechanism, adopted to contribute towards health knowledge generation, and facilitation of lessons learning processes, in the general community. To contextualize and localize this argument; the gap between the community, especially on referrals and health promotion messages, has in the past, expressed such a huge disparity, with the predicates existing only on paper. Imagine, in the 21st century, our country is still mobilizing for proper hand washing techniques, and our hospitals overwhelmed by patients complaining of diarrhea, respiratory infections and to some extent skin and eye infections.

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