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technology 25 Nov 2019

CS Margaret Kobia raises concern as GBV cases continue to rises in Kenya

By Waiswa Wafula

CS Margaret Kobia has raised concern over the continued rise of GBV cases, mainly attributed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

With a high prevelance in Nairobi, Kakamega, Kisumu, Nakuru and Kiambu Counties, 877 cases of gender based violence were reported between January and March 2021.

The Gender CS says according to data from the ministry, a rise in the reported cases of GBV in 2020. There were 5,009 cases reported up from the 1,411 cases reported in 2019.

CS Kobia shared the National GBV Toll-Free helpline which is 1195 and assured that it is always available to provide immediate assistance to survivors through tele-counseling and referrals for medical and legal services. Other government help-lines include National Police help-line 080073099 and Child help-line 116.

“We must all stand up against GBV through reporting, supporting victims and we must also discourage harmful and retrogressive cultural beliefs. I call on all Kenyans to be tolerated and to find appropriate ways of solving differences rather than resolving to violence.” Said the CS.

Kitui  governor, Charity Ngilu also condemned the rise of women being murdered across the country. The recent murder of Christine Nyokabi in Kasarani adds to the many unresolved cases in the last two years.

The governor stated that the killings affected the women currently in the prime of their lives with young children to look after.

“Of great concern is the fact that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes against women are still walking free and probably killing other women. I am calling on all leaders in Kenya to raise our voices against this dangerous culture of murdering women, which is slowly taking root in our country.” Said Governor Charity Ngilu.

She urged the National Government and County Government not to allow these murders to happen under their watch. Security Agencies were also tasked on taking serious measures in investigating and taking action against these culprits.

“I also urge the media to report these cases objectively in a manner that does not victimise the victims. When the media reports possible reasons for the murder such as love triangle, deal gone sour etc, the media is inadvertently justifying these murders and in effect reducing the national outrage of these murders,” she said.

 “Our women must feel secure in their homes, in their businesses, in the universities and in any other areas where they earn their livelihoods. I urge all Kenyans to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…..‘STOP THE MURDER OF OUR WOMEN’!” Governor Ngilu added.


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