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technology 25 Nov 2019

Femicide: Murder of the female athlete Agnes Tirop


Kenya’s promising female athlete, Agnes Tirop was found brutally murdered in her home in Iten, Elgeyo Marakwet County on the 13th of October 2021. At only 25 years. Her death came at a time when her career was reaching its high.

With femicide on the rise; the intentional killing of women and girls based on their gender regardless of the situation and circumstance at hand, Intimate Partner Violence has been the major cause of femicide with 3 out of 10 women dying in the hands of their spouses. Globally, every year an average of 60,000 women are brutally killed and become victims of intentional homicides.

According to Inside the Games, Agnes Tirops’ murder plot could have been hatched while she ran at the Tokyo 2020 competitions. Jeremiah Sawe, Tirops family spokesman said that most of her property had changed ownership in her absentia and without her knowledge of the same as reported by the Daily Nation, Kenya.

“We have learnt that the majority of our daughter’s property has mysteriously changed hands,” said Sawe. He went on to add that what was even more shocking is that the property had changed hands three months prior and some had been disposed of by her husband Rotich who has since become the major prime suspect in her murder.m

Figure 1 Agnes Tirop and husband Ibrahim Rotich.

Rotich was arrested in a police chase while trying to escape and is now set to be arraigned in court over the alleged murder of the athlete, Agnes Tirop. Her death comes a month after she won and broke the women’s only 10km world record in Germany in a record winning time of 3omins 01 seconds. Agnes Jebet Tirop was a double world 10K meter bronze medalist and the 2015 World Cross Country Championship winner in China.

After winning in the Amsterdam Marathon, Angela Tanui dedicated her record breaking win to her friend Agnes Tirop.

“This ribbon is for remembering my friend Agnes Tirop who died a terrible death. It will be a mark of the day I came to Amsterdam and ran the marathon in a course record time as well as a personal best time. This is my mark for Agnes Tirop,” the athlete said in an interview.

With investigations still ongoing, Agnes Tirop will be laid to rest in her parents’ home in Nandi County, Kapnyamisa village on the 23rd of October 2021.