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technology 25 Nov 2019

Understanding Gender Based Violence

By Justus Njuki

Inspired by the original ideas, or rather the overall objective to raise awareness about violence against women, the synergy should be focused in negating conditions that contribute to burden of poverty in the society. Further, the need to quench high demand for related human right information to all women should be emphasized. Most women, especially those employed in the formal sector, for instance, have held lose their labor rights, thus providing a leeway to rog employers and their immediate supervisors, most of whom are men.

Consequently, even in situations where the labor laws are quite precise on the provision for basic rights, most women are coerced to have sexual relationships in order to be granted certain favors. When the woman refuses such demands, in most instances, she is harassed and bad testimonials tagged on her. Others are badly shouted at in front of their colleagues. In summary, the more financially unstable a woman is, the vulnerable she is to sexual abuse. This drives us to the need for a consolidated effort towards ending gender-based violence in the space of work by striving to understand the link between domestic violence and the world of work.

A world without violence is only possible if we channel our courage, joint action and well gained energy towards making it a reality.

In the recent times, there has been a sharp increase in Gender related violence in the entire world and Covid-19 has continued to present to us new challenges in a unique environment. These challenges can only be an eye opener that there is need for multi-sectoral coordination and support for all sectors such as communities and non-governmental organization.


The Author is the Faithflows Inc Coordinator Kenya and DADA Digital writer.