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technology 25 Nov 2019

Vogue Magazine honours Kenyan Women in tech

By Waiswa Wafula

On Monday 15th March 2021, America’s Vogue magazine honoured Kenyan women in the tech industry.

“A group of Kenyan women is working to increase the influence and presence of women in tech by providing the mentorship and skills that young women need to not only succeed in one of the most competitive tech markets in the developing world but have their contributions recognized well,” said vogue.

The main woman in focus was Linda Kamau who alongside Marie Githinji co-founded Akirachix in 2010. Akirachix is a coding school located in Nairobi that aims to train and encourage women to take up careers in technology related fields. The school that started in a mere bus fitted with computers has now grown to a fully-fledged residential campus with a goal of serving young women from all over Kenya and other African Countries.

“When you give women a fair chance, they thrive. Women who have gone through our program only needed someone to show them a path and then they took it and ran with it.” Linda told Vogue Magazine.

Fatima Abdulkadir; who graduated from Akirachix told Vogue that the tech industry is a male dominated field but under Linda Kamau, they have challenged the status quo by taking up the career and encourage more women to do so.

Vogue also honoured Chao Mbogho, who founded KamiLimu. KamiLimu is a non-profit organization that has bridged the gap between traditional learning and global competitiveness through structured mentorship for its students.