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technology 25 Nov 2019

Women in Kenya raise concerns over missing periods after taking the COVID-19 Vaccine

By Waiswa Wafula

After receiving the AstraZeneca jab, more than 85 women have told the that they are experiencing either a delayed menstrual flow or an early flow.

“My periods came a week earlier than usual and it happened after I was immunized for corona virus. I have not been stressed lately and neither have I engaged in any sexual activity for quite some time now,” an entrepreneur based in Nairobi said.

She also revealed the quantity of the flow was much less than normal and diluted as well.

“I need to know and wish the Health ministry could explain why they did not tell us that this would happen,” she added.

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Women despite fearing the vaccine could have affected their menstrual cycle want to know why it is not listed among the vaccine’s side effects.

Another woman said she was experiencing cramps but surprisingly no blood flow.

“I took the vaccine a fortnight ago and have been having very painful cramps for more than a week now but no periods; though I was so sure they would come early because of the signs. I know stress does affect cycles but even when I am stressed it doesn’t affect me like this,” she revealed.

According to experts, Dr. Nelly Yatich, a Kenyan epidemiologist explains that people react differently to medication.

“There are some medications that can alter one’s cycle but I don’t know if this is a normal reaction as it is not a documented side effect,” the expert said.

The head of the department of Anesthesia and critical care at Kenyatta University Teaching Refferal and Research Unit, Dr Isaac Adembesa, says the issue could be stress related.

“You know stress is not only physical but also psychological and the body reacts, so it should normalize after a few days or so.”

Amref Health Africa Global CEO, Githinji Gitahi, said there is no relationship between the reproductive system and the vaccine.

In a response email to the, The Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) urged women to report their experiences to them officially.

“We are committed to ensuring all vaccines offered in the country are as safe as possible. In that regard, MoH encourages all members of the public to report any unusual incidents after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine to the Pharmacovigilance Electronic Reporting System using,” the response email said.

They also shared their phone number 0795743049 which through text or call, a team of experts will be on toes to investigate any received cases.

Although similar complaints have been aired globally, the World Health Organisation has not listed any side effects yet.

Source: Nation.

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